This year is our team’s third year competing in the First Tech Challenge. Our robotics team consists of members ranging from 8th to 12th grade. Team members start off working on areas of the robot that interest them the most, but as their confidence grows, they branch out and help with other aspects. The team’s two mentors are the engineering and physics teachers at our school. They help us understand everything better by making us explain the robot to them and have promoted skills such as the importance of documentation and organization, knowing when to keep trying and when to find a different solution, and how much practicing can improve our performances. We are hoping to grow these useful skills even more this year and make it to the World Championship again!

Team Trivia

 – Before competing in FTC, we were First Robotics Competition team 7275
 – Along with the traditional pizza, microwave popcorn is a staple food for long meetings
 – Our robot names are all composed the same four letters: Nala, alaN, and laNa
 – We have a two-year-old notebook full of out-of-context quotes from team members
 – No matter how many we buy, we are somehow always lacking bearings